Thursday, September 30, 2004

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Party of the Rich

They're no longer called "limousine liberals" they're now called "private jet" liberals. Don't let the left fool you. They may drive around in hybrid cars, but they're all flying around in private jets.

Democrats assert that they are the party of the little guy. The truth however, is that they are the party of the rich no matter how much they'd like you to believe otherwise.This site is devoted to exposing Democrats for the hypocrites they are and showing the world how the party of the RICH is the Democrat party.

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At 10/05/2004 8:47 PM, Blogger William H. Jarvis said...

I have a couple of comments for your site. Yes, I am going to vote for President Bush supporter for 2004. As well, I am an avid Talk Radio listener and I heard about your web site on Jay Severin's "Extreme Games" on WTKK's 96.9 FM Talk.
1) Your link,, was mis-spelled. I tried clicking onto it with no results until I noted the mis-spelling. (It's about mis-spelling on "a link to a website" versus any other typographical error.)
2) I wish to submit a comment pertaining to the Kerry's relocation of a fire hydrant at his Boston residence. I have heard about this and chose to do a "Google Search," entering: John+Kerry+fire+hydrant. I just had to find out more and where this took place.
My search yielded quite a few results about this subject. The Kerry's had to have the relocation approved by the Fire Chief/Commission, etc. before they could have it moved, which was done a week later at the expense of the Kerry's, and, not the City of Boston.
(I read quite a few of those links so to make sure I knew what I was reading was accurate, chief reason being, "WHY did they want the fire hydrant moved?)
I could NOT post this comment without first passing by Senator Kerry's place by bicycle (Prickney Street) and looking at the area for myself. While I do know that the average person could not get a fire hydrant relocated like the Kerry's were able to do, I do wish to submit my analysis on the issue.
a) The hydrant was moved from in front of his Boston Mansion, around the corner onto Prickney Streeet, a distance of some 50' away. Parking on the "private way" in front of his mansion is definitely limited.
b) The expense of having the hydrant removed was paid for by the Kerry's after first having the project approved by the proper authorities.
c) The hydrant is located on a ONE WAY STREET, where parking is already restricted to the right side, opposite that of the hydrant therby, not fouling another person's parking spot in the process. (I HAVE NOTED obstructions, similar to bicycle racks, blocking the sidewalk next to his mansion (and the hydrant) with a sign indicating that the sidewalk is closed. I did not know that they owned the sidewalk! (Yeah, right!)
Since I did note the comment about the hydrant on your website, and having done my own analysis by checking the area out for myself, I felt compelled to reply on the issue. Citing my reasons, A, B, & C above, I will not condone their decision to have this hydrant moved to its presence location.

At 10/21/2005 1:40 AM, Blogger Mohawk Man said...

mmmm not sure about all that.


Next time travel in private jets


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