Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hitchens on the sad state of the Democrat Party

There is nothing better than Chris Hitchens when he's really angry. He sums up my feelings pretty accurately. The modern day Democrat Party, led by Terry McAuliffe, has come off its hinges, disgraced itself and forfitted any legitamate right to govern during such a serious time as we live in now.

I hate to sound like Bob Dole, but, where is the outrage? Being a regular blue collar Democrat today is like being a moderate Muslim. They must be asking themselves, what has happened, how did we go so wrong and how can we get our party back. The Democrat leadership is a complete disgrace and have hijacked the party much the same way Islamo fascists have hijacked Islam. When are the average Democrats going to take a stand and wrestle the party away from the Clintons and their cronies? How many elections will it take? Every indication is that the country is increasingly turning more conservative. If the Democrats stay on their present course, they may be making a fatal mistake.

Flirting With Disaster
The vile spectacle of Democrats rooting for bad news in Iraq and Afghanistan.
By Christopher Hitchens
How can the Democrats possibly have gotten themselves into a position where
they even suspect that a victory for the Zarqawi or Bin Laden forces would
in some way be welcome to them? Or that the capture or killing of Bin Laden
would not be something to celebrate with a whole heart?


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