Sunday, October 10, 2004

Articles we enjoyed this weekend

UN: Saddam’s Sugar Daddy, By Claudia Rosett

CIA chief weapons inspector Charles Duelfer may not have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but he sure found information enough to blow the lid off the simmering scandal of the United Nations Oil-for-Food program. As it turns out, Oil-for-Food pretty much was Saddam Hussein's weapons program.

Scott Johnson of Powerline On Senator Kerry's G-8 spot

Here's a new web site that captures the groundswell of support for John Kerry

Never: By Bill Kristol in the Oct 18 Weekly Standard

NEVER HAVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE elected as president a candidate with a record on national security issues resembling that of John Kerry. Consider some of the distinctive national security choices Kerry has made over the years.

CBS still parsing the truth, By Michael Goodwin, NY Daily News

Rathergate be damned, CBS News still doesn't get it. A month after it embarrassed itself with the discredited story about President Bush's National Guard service, the network continues to send mixed signals about the mess it created. Most shocking, top brass apparently are allowing the same team that screwed up the initial report to keep working on the story. Note to CBS: The first rule of holes is, when you find yourself in one, stop digging. Step away from the shovel!

David Brooks on the Duelfer Report

I have never in my life seen a government report so distorted by partisan passions. The fact that Saddam had no W.M.D. in 2001 has been amply reported, but it's been isolated from the more important and complicated fact of Saddam's nature and intent.

He was the menace, and, as the world dithered, he was winning his struggle. He was on the verge of greatness. We would all now be living in his nightmare.


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