Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Boston Globe: speaking with one voice

How's this for diversty of opinion on the Boston Globe editorial page today. Pathetic.

The understudies onstageVICE PRESIDENT Dick Cheney could have come across as the Bush administration hatchet man, too mean-spirited to deserve reelection, but he didn't. Senator John Edwards could have come across as young and inexperienced, too callow to serve a heartbeat from the Oval Office, but he didn't.

Neither can claim a clear win(By Scot Lehigh, Globe Columnist)
CALL THIS ONE a tie, a polite but pointed debate in which each of the two number twos did reasonably well.

Cheney proves his irrelevance(By Thomas Oliphant, Globe Columnist)
CLEVELAND THE COUNTRY doesn't need Dick Cheney any more. After his 90 minutes on the stage last night, it is clear he is no longer an essential person in politics and government. What he brings to the table are liabilities.

Consider this debate a draw(By Cathy Young, Globe Columnist)
THE VICE presidential debate ended without a clear winner. In terms of style and demeanor, there was nothing like the clear contrast between John Kerry's strong presence and George W. Bush's apparent lack of self-confidence. Vice President Dick Cheney came across as more mature (not just in the sense of actual age) and more authoritative, but he also seemed rather ...

A defensive vice president(By Joan Vennochi, Globe Columnist)
DON'T LET today's headlines get in the way of yesterday's arguments for war with Iraq. Dick Cheney stuck to that principle during last night's debate with Democratic challenger John Edwards. The vice president's overall debate strategy appeared to be very simple: Say it calmly, say it with authority, and hope that people in battleground states continue to believe Bush-Cheney can ...

A downward spiral(By Derrick Z. Jackson, Globe Columnist)
LOS ANGELES GIVEN NO chance to play grandpa, Dick Cheney was the grump. Hunkered down and grimmacing through his answers, the vice president must have lived up to Republican strategists' greatest fears.


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