Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry Desperation Tactic #6742; Bush's October Surprise for Social Security

Oct 18 MSNBC
Kerry: Bush planning ‘January surprise’ on social security

"The last thing America's seniors need is the president's 'January surprise,' "
Kerry said, speaking at Mount Olivet Baptist Church, a black congregation in
Columbus, Ohio. "That's a surprise we can all live without."

so is the truth apparently,

Oct 18
Kerry Falsely Claims Bush Plans To Cut Social Security Benefits
It's not Bush's plan, and it wouldn't cut benefits

Doesn't President Bush frequently talk about reforming social security? He mentioned it in the debates, he mentions it at every campaign stop. What kind of surprise is that? Kerry's October surprise has been available on GeorgeWBush for a year or so,

President Bush will strengthen and enhance Social Security, guaranteeing no
changes in benefits for current retirees and near-retirees, while giving younger
workers the opportunity to use their Social Security payroll taxes to build a
nest egg for retirement that can be passed on to their families.

President Bush has proposed voluntary personal accounts for younger workers
that would allow them to build a nest egg for retirement that they would own and
control, and could pass on to their families.

President Bush has proposed to expand savings opportunities through the
creation of Retirement Savings Accounts (RSAs) and Lifetime Savings Accounts
(LSAs). RSAs would provide all Americans with an easy, tax-preferred way
to prepare for retirement. LSAs would give all Americans the opportunity
to save tax free to pay for job training, college tuition, the down-payment on a
first home, a car to drive to work, or their retirement.


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