Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VP Debate Pre-Cap

Tomorrow's news today...

If John Edwards can leave the stage tonight without sounding like Pedro Martinez,
"I have to tip my hat and say Dick Cheney is my daddy"

then he will be declared the winner in the mainstream media.

In the past 48 hours, the press has positioned this as the experiecned, tough as nails Dick Cheney versus the good ol boy southern charm of inexperienced John Edwards. Edwards has been taken down a few pegs so that even a solid defeat can be spun as a victory. "It wasn't as bad as some unnamed Kerry campaign officials had feared"

This will represent quite a feat for the Kedwards ticket. They will have been declared the winners in two debates for doing nothing more than speaking within a certain timeframe and not getting embarrassed.

The more one examines what John Kerry said, the harder it is to rationalize his near unanaimous victory in the media and in the initial polling. As people take a closer look at the never ending list of contradictions in Kerry's remarks, his poll numbers are again slipping. His debate bounce was about as profound as his convention bounce. The only thing they have in common is that the conventional wisdon displayed by the media elites was wrong both times.

This is precisely what Evan Thomas of Newsweek was referring to when he said recently,
Let’s talk a little media bias here. The media, I think, want Kerry to
win. And I think they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards - I’m talking about
the establishment media, not Fox, but - they’re going to portray Kerry and
Edwards as being young and dynamic and optimistic and all, there’s going to be
this glow about them that some, is going to be worth, collectively, the two of
them, that’s going to be worth maybe 15 points.

All Edwards has to do is have one exchange with Cheney in which he does not back down and says something harsh. If he does this, he will have "stood up to Cheney" and "shown a toughness he had not shown on the campaign trail". Edwards was "surprisingly strong" and "not intimidated". Cheney on the other hand will be described as "dour" and "not willing to listen to criticism". He will be viewed as an effective advocate for the President, even "making the President's case better then the President".


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