Monday, November 15, 2004

50% of conservatives at New York Times quit

With the resignation of William Safire on the editorial page of the New York Times, that leaves David Brooks as the only conservative writing for the paper. He joins the Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby as the lone conservatives writing for the editorial pages of these once respected papers.

In the immortal words of John Kerry, 'Can I get me some affirmative action here?'

Safire to Retire from 'NYT' Op-Ed Column
NEW YORK William Safire, the conservative voice on the New York Times Op-Ed
page for more than three decades, will end his regular column in early 2005, a
Times spokeswoman said Monday."He's written it for a long time and has been
talking to [Times Publisher] Arthur [Sulzberger Jr.] about this for a year and a
half," said spokeswoman Catherine Mathis. "His last column will be Jan.