Monday, November 01, 2004

Great moments in higher education

On C-SPAN the other day I stop to watch Daniel Flynn talk about his book Intellectual Morons. The setting was beautiful little Colby College in Waterville, ME. The first question from a student reminded me of why they say Colby puts the liberal in liberal arts,

Things are bad in the US economy and they are getting worse, they are bad all
over the world and getting worse. We’ve tried capitalism for a long time
now and it’s not working is it?

To his credit, Dan Flynn had a sense of humor about such drivel from a student at an elite school. His response was priceless,

Oh yes. You know when I was in Miami recently; I was amazed at how many
people were building makeshift boats trying to get back to Havana. And
remember when the Berlin Wall was still up, remember all those people scaling
the wall to get to the east? Give me a break.

It’s not a lost cause at Camp Colby. Two campus bloggers have sites worth checking out, Colby & Beyond and Mayflower Hill. They did a great job covering Al Franken’s recent appearance on campus.


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