Thursday, November 04, 2004

Looking back on the 'best month ever'

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Election Reflections...

1. Knowing how miserable Michael Moore, Al Franken and George Soros are today makes me all warm inside. These nasty, vile people were so over the top in their criticism of the President it is heartwarming to know that they were rejected by the public.

2. The Democrat Party is a slow motion train wreck under Terry McAuliffe. Zell Miller had it exactly right, A National Party No More. They are the party of the elites, not the middle class. Take a look at this map. It is astonishing. They still believe their ideals and values represent mainstream America. They may represent mainstream Manhattan, but the facts on the ground, and votes in the ballot box, tell a far different story.

Here is Hilalry Clinton endorsing the notion that if young people don't vote, they will die because of a second Bush administration,

I really think that this year — more than any other — that young people have
their lives at stake.

Perhaps they should change the slogan to Change or Die, because if they don't change their ways, their Party is dead. When you rely on college students and people who have never voted before to win elections, you are headed for permanent minority party status.

3. The mainstream media (MSM) is in a credibility free-fall. From the Big 3 TV networks to our major daily newspapers, they have been exposed as Democrat cheerleaders in a way which was just not possible before the rise of the blogs. The frustration of the old guard like Tom Brokaw has been hilarious to watch, (A blogger Jihad against Dan Rather?), Jonathan Klein (bloggers are just guys in their PJ's). Like the Party they cheerlead for, they are in denial in a big way.

4. Blogs are now the Omudsman of the 21st Century. The influence they had motivating their followers and exposing the myriad of ways in which the MSM spins for the Democrats is one of the big stories of this election. A few examples of the incredible bias that exploded in their face include:
a. Dan Rather's Memogate fiasco. Don't miss our interview with Scott Johnson of Powerline.
b. The early exit polls which showed a Kerry landslide
c. The missing weapons story
d. The vilification of the Swift Boat Veterans

Thank you Instapundit, Powerline, LittleGreenFootballs, RealClearPolitics, INDCJournal, BlogsforBush, Don Luskin, Hugh Hewitt, Dean Esmay, OpinionJournal, VodkaPundit, Ann Althouse, Captain's Quarters, JunkYardBlog, The Corner, Mudville Gazette, Arthur Chernkoff, Roger Simon, NZ Bear, Michelle Malkin and all the other bloggers who been instrumental in exposing the MSM this election season.

5. This was a huge defeat for the secularists who disrespect and look down their nose at people of faith. I had to laugh at the MSM media reaction when most people identified moral issues as the biggest factor when voting. They simply could not understand this. The reasons for this include: Bush's respect for life, whether on stem cells or abortion; Kerry's extremism on abortion. However, a stealth factor here is the liberal elite/Hollywood support that was so negative and so nasty towards George Bush. Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, this entire crowd is the GOP's secret weapon. The public rejected their hate, rejects their values and rejected the candidate and issues they support.

6. Some bloggers like Jeff Jarvis are signing pledges to be kinder and gentler going forward. Until the Democrat Party changes, I say no thanks. They are on the ropes and we should be (rhetorically) punching them in the nose, not handing them a towel. Their behavior in this campaign, their irresponsible rhetoric, their willingness to jump to the worst conclusions about our military (Abu Ghraib, missing weapons) doesn't exactly have me in a forgiving mood.

7. Thank you America for sending the world a message that we are strong and resolute in this fight against terrorism. The war being waged against us turns 25 years old today. It was on this day in 1979 when Iranian radicals stormed our embassy and took 52 Americans hostages. For twenty-two of these years, we were not fighting this war. September 11 woke us up, or at least some of us. Thanks to the incredible men and women in our militray and the character, faith and leadership of George W. Bush to make the tough, unpopular but critical decisions, we are now fighting all over the world and winning this difficult war.

8. The GOP has no excuses in this second term. Daschle is gone. Things have to get done, and non-defense spending has to be restrained. They cannot continue to claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility if they continue to spend like, well, like Democrats. Bush should tackle the tough issues that cannot be done by a first term president for political reasons. Social security reform. Immigration reform. Tax reform. Just get it done GOP. You have an expanded majority and now is your time. No more excuses.

9. Yassar Arafat, the man who is the best known terrorist of the 20th century, the man who Bill Clinton helped get a Nobel Peace Prize, is on his death bed (in a French hospital, how perfect) and the gates of hell are open and waiting.

10. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions.