Monday, December 06, 2004

Dear Matt Damon: SHUT UP and write the damn check already!

Boston Globe,

BANKING ON KERRY Actor Matt Damon tells Diane Sawyer tonight that
supporting John Kerry was, "financially, the stupidest thing that [he] could
do," but the election was about more than money. Interviewed with his "Ocean's
Twelve" costars on "Primetime Live," Damon says he doesn't need or want the fat tax break he's getting from the Bush administration. "I personally would like to give millions of dollars back," he says. "This guy -- this president -- is giving me millions of dollars. Do you think I need that?" (No, as a matter of fact, we don't.) Damon also credits his parents for instilling a strong work ethic in their kids: "My mother, because she was a professor . . . never made as much money as she deserved to make, but she loved what she did. And my father, who went and took a job to make enough money to provide for us, but never loved his job," he said. "So both of them said, 'Boys, whatever you do, make sure that you love to do it. Unless you have children to provide for, in which case you have to suck it up and . . . do whatever you need to do.' "
Hey Matt, didn't your mother teach you that only phony blowhards talk the talk without walking the walk. I'm pretty sure you can afford a pen. Shut up then if you are soooo outraged and write the damn check. Let's see it. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Another Hollywood blowhard, clueless, out of touch and insulting to us, the little people.