Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Marlowe's Shade is on the case

BOSTON, Massachusetts - A mosque is rising in the heart of Boston. Not just
any mosque, but the largest mosque in the northeastern United States.

At a cost of $22 million, the 60,000-square-foot Islamic Cultural
Center will be a prominent symbol of the growth of Islam in America. But the
project is under fire, as some say it will also be a symbol of radical Islam.

The Islamic Society of Boston is under scrutiny for ties to radicalism.
But the society says it does not tolerate extremism. And yet, some former and
present leaders of the society have been tied to extremism.

The connections go right to the foundation of this mosque and the
Islamic Society of Boston, or ISB.

Blogger PapiJoe over at Marlowe's Shade has been relentless covering this issue and documenting the Boston Globe's continued series of puff piece articles on this controversial, taxpayer subsidized facility. He is doing so great work and the media in Boston is starting to take notice.

The excellent blogger LaShawn Barber wrote an article this week in National Review titled, The Blogosphere’s Smaller Stars,

The thing about history, though, is that the efforts of minor players often
go unnoticed. During the (Dan Rather) scandal, high-trafficked bloggers were
interviewed on radio and television and mentioned in countless news articles.
Two appeared on the cover of Time magazine. But smaller, lesser-known, and
lower-trafficked blogs that didn’t get press coverage served a valuable function
during Rathergate. By linking to well-known blogs, articles, documents, and one
another, they made worthy contributions. A few even conducted their own
independent, journalistic-style investigations (often scooping the

You can add Marlowe's Shade to the list of bloggers doing the job of the MSM, providing original research and commentary that is far more balanced and insightful than the local press. Congrats PapiJoe on some great work. We appreciate your efforts.