Monday, February 07, 2005

This is what makes Powerline so valuable

UPDATE: Bill Moyes beats the odds

UPDATE: Bill O'Reilly just did a segment on this story. When he teased it earlier in the program I wondered if he would acknowledge the role of blogs. Well, the segment guest was Scott Johnson of Powerline. It was a good exchange.

O'Reilly is like Terrerll Owens, he a difficult guy to root for. The sex harassment suit by a former producer last year was a total embarrassment. He was busted and it cost him more than money. Still, he is pretty fair if you watch him. Certainly fair by today's standards.

"your an interesting group...your keeping an eye on these people"
(referring to the MN Star Tribune)

"I'm glad your out there" (referring to Powerline)

The interview closed with O'Reilly's usual rant about "the web
sites" that smear people including him "every day". Scott
defended Powerline and O'Reilly admitted he was referring to the "other

John Hinderacker at Powerline disembowels PBS poster boy and pompous blowhard Bill Moyers. He busts Moyers for his outrageous rhetoric, his lies, his lack of understanding and contempt for people of faith. He does so with Moyers own words. A delicious peice of work for those who find Moyers uniquly disgusting.

James Watt has written to Bill Moyers, asking him to apologize for the lies
in his Star Tribune article. After quoting Moyers' statements about him, Watt

I have never thought, believed or said such words. Nor have I ever said
anything similar to that thought which could be interpreted by a reasonable
person to mean anything similar to the quote attributed to me.

Because you are at least average in intelligence and have a basic
understanding of Christian beliefs, you know that no Christian would believe
what you attributed to me.
Because you have had the privilege of serving in
the White House under President Johnson, you know that no person believing such
a thing would be qualified for a Presidential appointment, nor would he be
confirmed by the United States Senate, and if confirmed and said such a thing
would he be allowed to continue in service.

Since you must have known such a statement would not have been made and
you refused or failed to do any primary research on this supposed quote, what
was your motive in printing such a damnable lie?

Before the advent of the blogosphere, Bill Moyers--arrogant, rich,
powerful and well-connected--would merely have thrown Mr. Watt's letter into the
trash. Today, he may still do so. But he and his friends in the liberal media no
longer have a monopoly on information, and those who have been defamed by them,
like James Watt, now have the means to make their voices heard.

At the height of the Dan Rather controversy, on October 2nd, 2004, Pundit Review Radio interviewed Scott Johnson of Powerline. We had a wide ranging discussion about the phony document controversy and the impact it was having on the mainstream media.


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