Monday, March 28, 2005

Don't hear much about Iraq these days

Criticism of the media's coverage in Iraq is nothing new.

There isn't much to criticize these days. You don't hear much about Iraq lately.

Arthur Chernkoff's indespensible roundup of the past two weeks' good news from Iraq is back and worth checking out.

Here is another Iraq resource that seems reasonable to me,

Which is not to say that everything is going spectacularly in Iraq and the
news media is ignoring it. Taking a country from a totalitarian system to a
democracy is a tricky business. It is easy not to get it right, especially not
quickly. Germany didn't have elections until four years after WW II ended.

But for every tragic car bomb that kills a dozen Iraqis (and every death is a
horrible tragedy), there are 24,999,995 Iraqis who are having a relatively good
day - getting married, starting new, higher paying jobs, getting information
from outside their country for the first time, buying appliances they could not
afford previously, traveling to visit relatives outside their hometown for the
first time, practicing their religion as they chose rather than how Saddam

All is not lost. Leave it to Bob Schieffer ,

On Thursday's CBS Evening News, Schieffer highlighted how "this was another
fairly quiet day in Iraq: No American casualties reported again. Since January's
elections, the rate of U.S. fatalities has fallen dramatically to half what it
was during the previous three months.


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