Friday, March 04, 2005

Jesse Jackson Actually Left $$ On Table! Miracles do happen

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By now many of you are aware of how Jesse Jackson makes a living. Shaking down corporate America. It has been well documneted by people like best selling author Kenneth Timmerman in his book Shakedown as well as here and here.

When the Boston Herald ran an article about the state's unclaimed property list there were naturally some pretty interesting names,

  • Former Gov. Michael Dukakis of Brookline: Department of Revenue check for $312; $230 check from the state's Delta Dental plan.
  • Ben Affleck and brother, Casey Affleck: joint account for less than $10.
  • The New England Patriots: uncashed check for $1,974.
  • Fidelity's Peter S. Lynch: more than $6,000 from a CD that matured in 2000; and a 23-cent check from Fidelity.

The last name I ever thought I would see on a list of people who were leaving money on the table was,

  • Jesse Jackson: $5000 from the Trustees of Boston College.

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At 3/05/2005 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's going to need that money since most of corporate America has smartened up and is refusing to play ball with him. It's tough to extort money from large corporations when you don't have the support of your own community.


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