Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lying Italian Journalist Defames US Marines

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What else can one conclude after looking at this photo?

Giuliana Sgrena has claimed her car was hit by 300 to 400 bullets from an armored vehicle and that she was picking up handfuls of spent rounds from the seats.

If your first instinct is to believe that our troops would delibertly fire on civilians, or target her specifically, then read people like Danny Schechter. These are the same people that complain about the lack of armored Humvees because they"care about the troops" yet their natural inclination is to believe the worst about them.

If you find that attitude disgusting then Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs is the place to go. He had this photo and several others.

This sorry bunch look even worse as news comes out about the conduct of our troops and the truthfulness of this reporter. Things like this are not helping their cause,

A U.S. official said that of all the cars that passed through the checkpoint
that night, the reporter’s vehicle was the only one fired upon. “Something
that car did caused the soldiers to fire,” said the official, who asked not
to be named. The shooting occurred at night at a checkpoint on a notoriously
dangerous road that links Baghdad to the international airport.


Instapundit posted a letter from Joseph Fulvio that sums up my feelings,

Europeans have long been conditioned to assume the worst about Americans. No
surprise there. But it’s interesting how quickly the American Left accepted,
with little reservation, the word of a politically-blinkered writer who openly
crusaded against this war (no bias there!). Yet, it refused to give benefit of
doubt, much less a full hearing, to its fellow citizens, members of the most
highly trained and disciplined military organization in the world. But don’t
question their patriotism – they support the troops™.


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