Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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A Consensus Grows . . . on the future of the dollar, the housing market, and the Fed
by Irwin M. Stelzer

INFLATION IS BACK, or it isn't. The dollar is back, or it isn't. There is a
dangerous housing bubble, or there isn't. The trade deficit is worrying, or it
isn't. The Fed is about to become more aggressive in raising interest rates, or
it isn't. The economy is headed for steady, high growth, or it isn't. That's the
clear consensus of America's economists and market watchers.

Bush's Shake-Up-the-World View
Wolfowitz, Bolton and Hughes understand it--and share it.
by Fred Barnes
Anyone shocked by the nominations of Messrs. Wolfowitz and Bolton doesn't
understand the president's approach to multilateral organizations. The
conventional idea is that these organizations are wonderful, though perhaps
flawed and infused with too much anti-American sentiment. And the chief task
of U.S. representatives is to get along amicably, not buck the system and cause
problems. This idea is popular in the press, the State Department bureaucracy
and diplomatic circles, and with foreign-policy "experts." But not with Mr.

The president's idea is simple: No more Mr. Nice Guy. He believes
international organizations have failed largely and must be challenged and
reformed. He was miffed when outgoing U.N. Ambassador John Danforth rushed to
the defense of Kofi Annan in the midst of the Oil for Food scandal. Mr. Annan
opposed the war in Iraq and even declared it illegal. More important, he's
viewed by Mr. Bush as part of the problem at the U.N.

Welcome to Canada: The Great White Waste of Time
by Matt Labash

WHENEVER I THINK OF CANADA . . . strike that. I'm an American, therefore I tend not to think of Canada. On the rare occasion when I have considered the country that Fleet Streeters call "The Great White Waste of Time," I've regarded
it, as most Americans do, as North America's attic, a mildewy recess that adds
little value to the house, but serves as an excellent dead space for stashing
Nazi war criminals, drawing-room socialists, and hockey goons.


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