Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cardinal Law Gets A Vote!

The fact that Cardinal Law was allowed to resign and was assigned to a cushy job in Rome is outrage enough.

The fact that he is one of 117 people voting for the new Pope is just out of this world outrageous.

Cardinal Law oversaw a crimal conspiracy to protect pedophiles at the expense of children. There is no other way to say it. So that's what I did back in 2002,

the Boston Globe published papers which clearly indicate that the Catholic
Church had known that Father John Geoghan was molesting children as far back as
the 1960's yet continued to assign him to local parishes until 1993.

Cardinal Law arrived in the Boston archdiocese in 1984.

Since the mid-1990's more than 130 children have come forward with claims
of abuse at the hands of Father Geoghan. As a Catholic and someone who was
confirmed in the Church by Cardinal Law, it brings me no joy to say that he is a
co-conspirator in the molestation of every one of Geoghan's victims after
1984. Cardinal Law demonstrated a reckless, criminal disregard for those
whom he was supposed to protect, comfort and minister. He exposed the most
vulnerable in all of society, children, to a serial pedophile.

Needless to say, the victims are angry. Who can blame them.