Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tuition Break for Illegals In Massachusetts

Massachusetts has the most lopsided state government in the United States. Of the 160 members of the House of Representatives, only 22 are Republicans. That means more than 85% of state representatives are Democrats, and the vast majority of those are liberal Democrats.

When you have such a one-sided legislature, the citizens have to put up with an incredible amount of nonsense,

60% of Voters Approve Income Tax Rollback, Legislature Says No, Then Raises
Taxes By $1.2 Billion & Spending By $600 Million

67% Of Voters Approve Charitable Deduction Ballot Initiative, Legislature Says No

By 2 to 1 Margin Voters Approve Clean Elections Initiative, Legislature Says No
The latest example from Beacon Hill is this,

House of Representatives Proposes Tuition Tax Breaks for ILLEGAL immigrants,

The proposal to allow children of illegal immigrants who have lived in the
state for three years and graduated from high school here to receive
taxpayer-subsidized tuition breaks was vetoed last year by Gov. Mitt
. That the measure wasn't even brought up for an override vote is a
pretty good indication lawmakers understood its controversial nature. It's no
less controversial now, providing plenty of reason to subject the plan to more
legislative scrutiny than the budget debate allows.

Such scrutiny, we believe, will conclude that spending limited state
resources to reward lawbreaking is wrong. But if legislators believe overwise,
they should be willing to say so in a stand alone up or down vote.


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