Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kerry and Form 180: 100 Days and Counting

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Exactly 100 days ago John Kerry went on national TV and said he would sign Form 180 which would allow all of his military records to be released. He still has not done so. What possible reasonable explanation could John Kerry have for lying about his willingness to sign the form?

Meet The Press, January 30, 2005

MR. RUSSERT: Many people who've been criticizing you have said: Senator, if you would just do one thing and that is sign Form 180, which would allow historians and journalists complete access to all your military records. Thus far, you have gotten the records, released them through your campaign. They say you should not be the filter. Sign Form 180 and let the historians...

SEN. KERRY: I'd be happy to put the records out. We put all the records out that I had been sent by the military. Then at the last moment, they sent some more stuff, which had some things that weren't even relevant to the record. So when we get--I'm going to sit down with them and make sure that they are clear and I am clear as to what is in the record and what isn't in the record and we'll put it out. I have no problem with that.

MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?
SEN. KERRY: But everything, Tim...
MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?

SEN. KERRY: Yes, I will. But everything that we put in it, Tim--everything we put in--I mean, everything that was out was a full documentation of all of the medical records, all of the fitness reports. And I'd call on those who have challenged me, let's see their records. I want to see the records of each of those people who have put up
a challenge, because some of them have some serious questions in them, and it
hasn't been appropriate...

MR. RUSSERT: So they should sign Form 180s for themselves as well?

SEN. KERRY: You bet.

We all know how outragged John Kerry was during the campaign when he was claiming that George Bush lied to him about the WMD intelligence (put aside the fact that they looked at the same evidence and reached the same conclusion). The Swift Boat Vets raised some serious questions about John Kerry and his refusal to sign this form has me wondering why.


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