Thursday, May 05, 2005

Why blogs matter

So i'm checking out a blog favorite of mine, The Spoons Experience, and he has this post about blogger Patterico, another favorite. Patterico has taken it upon himslef to become a watchdog of the LA Times. As you can imagine, this is nearly a full time job, and a depressing one to boot.

Here's The Spoons Experience,
Patterico points out that the Times is systematically editing wire-service
stories about the shooting by American soldiers of the car carrying Italian
journalist Giuliana Sgrena. Each time, the Times is editing out details of the
investigation that prove that the American account of the incident is

Your American media: not liberally biased, just anti-American.

So who is this Patterico guy? He is a prosecutor in Los Angeles Countyand a very valuable member of the Pajamahadeen.

It's No Accident, LA Times Does IT Again

L.A. Times editors have doubled down. They have yet again suppressed
evidence that U.S. soldiers were justified in shooting at the car carrying
Giuliana Sgrena to a Baghdad airport.

A Reuters story filed Saturday morning states on page two:CBS news has reported that a U.S. satellite had filmed the shooting and that it had been established the car carrying Calipari was traveling at more than 60 miles per hour as it approached the U.S. checkpoint in Baghdad.

Today’s L.A. Times reprint of the article edits out that passage, which suggests
that there is definitive proof that the car was speeding – a critical issue in
the controversy.

We previously covered this story here and here.