Saturday, June 25, 2005

Blog resources for legal issues

Blogs can be a great resource to learn about current events. For example, the recent Supreme Court decision on property rights. For those who are not constitutional scholars (hello!), there are a number of resources to hear arguements on both sides of the issue. If the few paragraphs from AP in your local paper has you feeling a little less than fully informed, check out these great blogs that bring a fresh perspective to constitutional and legal issues,

Volokh Conspiracy
A collaborative weblog providing analysis of developments in the US legal system and courts, as well as of recent legal news and events.

Another collaborative blog that provides opinions and analysis on both sides of the issue. They are a sister site to The Supreme Court Nomination Blog.

Hugh Hewitt
Uber blogger, author of the best selling book blog, and a Professor of Law at Chapman University Law School, where he teaches Constitutional Law

Glenn Reynolds
Better known as Instapundit, he is a libertarian leaning constitutional law professor at Univ. of Tennessee

Professor Bainbridge
Stephen Bainbridge is a professor of law at UCLA, where he currently teaches Business Associations, Unincorporated Business Associations, and Advanced Corporation Law. He also has a cool wine blog.

Bill Hobbs
A blogger who has interviewed politicians about the property rights case. He has posted their reaction to the decision on his blog.

Arguing with Signposts
A blog that has compiled a huge round-up of blogger reaction to the decision