Monday, June 13, 2005

Happy 1st Birthday To Conservative & Right blog

Happy Birthday
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Grace Marzioli's Converative & Right blog has just celebrated its first anniversary. Congratulations.

We have had Grace in our blogroll for a long time, she has an interesting take on the issues we all care about and she is doing some incredible things with her life that are truly inspirational. Check her out.


At 6/13/2005 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote a whole letter to Grace but for some reason, it didn't fit the bill by the Webbers to send it on to her. Boohoo and double boohoo. Love and love your feet covered in cake icing, sue from Mass. (and hating living here more than a month longer or I will do something bad, like start going to R rated films or get a TV. NOOOO! Help. Advise and consent, please.

At 6/13/2005 6:38 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

Aww, what did the letter say, Sue from Massachusetts?



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