Friday, July 22, 2005

Dems Domestic Solution: Leave Them Alone

As the fear of domestic terror grows in the wake of the attacks in London, congressional Democrats have an answer.

Vote against the Patriot Act.

Lessen our abiility monitor these savages living among us. Make it harder for law enforcement to identify and track them. Make it next to impossible to listen to their conversations, monitor their Internet usage. Let them roam free, for we would never want to infringe on our precious civil libertries. That would be un-American!

Kevin at Rant Me a River points out,

78% of House Democrtas vote against renewal of The Patriot Act while 94 % of Republicans vote in favor of renewal.

Notwithstanding the inability to show one instance of alleged abuse of the powers granted by the Act, or the failure of the safeguards built into it, Nancy Pelosi joins the ACLU in condemning the bill. "The bill before us fails to assure accountability," said Pelosi. Of cousre, when you voted for it four freaking years ago, it was satisfactory, but now THOSE SAME PROVISIONS are a threat to our civil liberties.Too stupid to work, too lazy to steal? Get elected to Congress.


At 7/25/2005 3:41 PM, Blogger DougH said...

Want to follow your President blindly regardless of your own values, out of fear of reprisals for stepping outside the party line? Get elected to Congress!

I can't speak for hysterical voting patterns in the highly emotional aftermath of 9/11, but it's not just the ACLU and the predictable lefties that hate the so-called "Patriot" Act, or at the very least its more offensive parts. See:

An appeal to lefties. Please, rsist the temptation to refer to the Patriot Act as a "Nazi" or "Stalinist" tactic. It just makes it too easy to change the subject.

At 7/25/2005 5:51 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

I have no idea what you are trying to say in the first paragraph.

As for the so-called "Patriot Act", it is not so-called, it is called the Patriot Act. Outward desplays of patriotism usually make liberals uncomfortable.

If you wouldn't mind, can you name a single example of the Patriot Act infringing on someone's civil liberties? Diane Fienstein is on the record saying no such violations have taken place. There are safeguards built into the law and they have worked yet hysterical liberals want to water the act down to make terroprists lives easier. No thanks.

And how about answering this, why should we make it more difficult for law enforcement to track these savages? Especially now, in the wake of London?

I eagerly await your specifc answers.

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