Friday, July 22, 2005

Emotional rollercoaster in two clicks

So I'm reading the Boston Herald online during lunch and I come across this story that puts a smile on my face,

Dunkin' hero drops thief without dripping coffee

"I got my coffee and didn't even realize what was going on until I noticed a
guy behind the counter who didn't look like he worked there,'' said Merry, 21,
of Beverly. Merry realized that a man behind the counter was robbing
the store clerk with a knife. "When he was done, he just walked out
calmly and started down the street. I said to myself, `I just can't let this
happen,' '' Merry said. Merry said at this point he sprang into ``adrenaline mode'' and began to chase after the suspect, all the while screaming at him to stop.

Meanwhile, Boston police officers responded to the armed robbery call and a
witness pointed them in the direction of the foot chase, police spokesman David
Estrada said. The officers found Merry, who had detained the apparently slow-footed thief on Harrison Avenue - all without spilling a drop of coffee, Merry said.

Then only a click or two later, I'm hit in the gut, stunned, sad, angry and depressed. Now that I have young kids myself, I don't react well to this kind of story,

Mom, baby die in shocking downtown fall
In a tragedy witnessed by a downtown evening rush-hour crowd, a 28-year-old
mother clutching her 9-month-old daughter apparently jumped from the window of
their 24th-floor luxury apartment.

They landed on a roof 16 stories below and were pronounced dead at the

The woman's husband - and only child's father - witnessed the events from
the door of their home in Devonshire Place, a tower on Washington Street, police