Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Our favorite SCOTUS posts

The guys at Real Clear Politics have set up a SCOTUS page for news and commentary. It is the place to go for MSM coverage of the debate. New media resources include The Volokh Conspiracy, Supreme Court Nomination Blog

Take The Professor Bainbridge SCOTUS QUIZ

Which of the following statements about the Supreme Court confirmation process was made by a Republican Senator and which was made by a Democrat Senator?

  1. "All questions are legitimate," ______, said in an interview. "What is your view on Roe v. Wade? What is your view on gay marriage? They are going to try to get away with the idea that we're not going to know their views. But that's not going to work this time."
  2. “You not only have a right to choose what you will answer and not answer, but in my view you should not answer a question of what your view will be on an issue that clearly is going to come before the court in 50 forms probably, over your tenure on the court.”

Hugh Hewitt on hot stove SCOTUS scuttlerbutt,
A caller suggested Bush nominate Hillary, thus taking her out of the 2008 game. How could she turn it down and show her face in liberal salons? Perhaps paired with Estrada in a deal that Estrada goes first, then all filibustered nominees, and then Hillary. It will never happen, but that's hot stove SCOTUS at its best.

Michael Barone on the

The political effect? No great help for either party. My own hunch is that the Democrats' posture of frenzied opposition won't get them where they want to go. But I'm not sure whether a battle over yesterday's issues helps Republicans, either.