Monday, November 29, 2004

Is it news when bloggers humiliate the NY Times?

Here they go again. Another member of the pajamahadeen has embarrassed and humiliated the New York Times. Another blogger is catching them red handed literally parroting Democrat talking points. What a great job by Patterico's Pontifications.

Professor Bainbridge describes it this way,

MSM Caught with Pants Down

Patterico catches the NYT parroting a Democrat party talking point memo in an editorial today. He then fisks the heck out of the editorial on the merits. The Times really ought to be ashamed of itself.

Instapundit said,

IT'S NOT PLAGIARISM when you repeat stuff from a press release without checking it -- but it's not journalism, either. It's not even very good punditry.

Kofi: Shock and Awe at son's corruption

This should mark the beginning of the end for Kofi at the UN. If these investigations are allowed to play out, he is a goner. The world will be better off.

Annan 'surprised' at son's link to oil-for-food scandal
30 November 2004

The United Nations has revealed that the son of the secretary general, Kofi
Annan, worked for a company being investigated in the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal
for four years longer than he first admitted.

Mr Annan said last night he was "very disappointed and surprised" that his
son Kojo had not told him the full story of his links to Cotecna in

Pundit Review Radio: Interview with NZ Bear

This week our guest was NZ Bear, creator of the Blogsphere Ecosystem and the man behind Truth Laid Bear. We had a lot of fun discussing the Ecosystem, the role of blogs, what the future holds for them and what role they played in the removal of Dan Rather from CBS Evening News. We also discussed the Spirit of America Challenge, yet another blog driven charitable effort that is well worth your support.

Pundit Review Radio: Blogsphere Week in Review

This Week in Blogs

On Pundit Review Radio this weekend we took a tour of the blogsphere and highlighted some of the best work that we read during the week. Some of the topics discussed included outsourcing, the Clinton & Nixon presidential libraries, an interesting Gallup poll, the nasty tone of political rhetoric coming from the left, and president Bush's personal security.

Among the sites mentioned, Powerline, AndrewSullivan, Buzz Machine, Town Hall, Conservative and Right.

CBS News: Pathological Liars Make Great Guests

Does CBS even care about its credibility anymore? Why on earth would they have Joseph Ellis on Face the Nation as a guest historian/pundit?

The weekend of Dan Rather’s resignation, still caught up in the ‘investigation’ into the bogus documents, CBS News is putting on its Sunday morning talk show a man who lied enthusiastically for twenty years about his military service in Vietnam, claiming incredible experiences at key battles even though he never left these shores.

What is particularly galling for me is that he taught history at West Point and lied to all of those young men who were really willing to go off to foreign places and do those brave, courageous deeds. I have read and enjoyed several of his books and he is an excellent writer. That is meaningless in terms of his personal credibility. He has none.

I find it hard to believe that the pool of available historians/pundits for Sunday morning TV is so small that someone like Joseph Ellis would be an acceptable guest? Someone at CBS should have been asking, Is Joseph Ellis the kind of person we want to have on the air as an expert? The obvious answer is no. Does CBS think there is some statue of limitations on what he did? What makes it ok now? Maybe their position is that his transgressions weren't that bad. I'd like to hear an explanation of how they justify having this guy on.

Wasn’t Doris Kearns Goodwin available? All she did was copy a few passages from another author. I find it insulting that they put a guy like this on their news broadcasts, especially given all that is happening at CBS News. They must have stopped caring about their reputation.

by Dennis Loy Johnson

Joseph Ellis' list of whoppers was pretty amazing. During the war in Vietnam, he
said, he wasn't just a soldier assigned to some obscure Army base — he saw
action "clearing out" the area around My Lai. He wasn't just a grunt, either —
he was commander of a platoon of combat paratroopers from the legendary 101st
Airborne. In fact, he was such a good leader that he was elevated to the staff
of American commander General William Westmoreland.

Not a word of it was true, of course — Ellis never left the States during Vietnam.

But what happened after the news broke made him a far less sympathetic character. Refusing to talk to the press, Ellis' issued a brief, four-sentence statement,
saying "Even in the best of lives, mistakes are made. I deeply regret having let
stand and later confirming the assumption that I went to Vietnam. For this and
any other distortions about my personal life, I want to apologize to my family,
friends, colleagues and students. Beyond that circle, however, I shall have no
further comment."In other words, as the last sentence implies, it's the press'
fault. And he regrets not *lying,* but "having let stand" an assumption, and
some vague "distortions." Nor does he feel the need to apologize to anyone
beyond his immediate circle — say, the men and women who really served in
Vietnam, or marched in the peace movement, or were harassed by cops in civil
rights–era Mississippi.

Read the whole thing.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Pundit Review Radio this Saturday: NZ Bear

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

This Saturday at noon EST on Pundit Review Radio will be broadcasting what may be our last show on WBIX in Boston. The reason has nothing to do with the show, in fact the feedback has been highly supportive. The problem lies with the station owner and involves a twenty year lie that has come apart in recent weeks. If you are interested in the backstory involving fraud, cheated investors, ponzi schemes, retirees having their life savings stolen, the SEC, FBI, FCC, layoffs, suicide and court appearences, click here.

This week we are very happy to have on as our guest, NZ Bear from the blog Truth Laid Bear. In addition to having a terrific blog, NZ is the creator and keeper of The Blogsphere Ecosystem, which ranks blogs by traffic and links.

Pundit Review Radio
Saturday at noon EST on
Phone number for questions is 877-711-1060.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Pundit Review Radio: Interview with Charles Jarvis

Social security reform promises to be one of President Bush's top domestic priorities in the second term.

This week we spoke this week with Mr. Charles Jarvis, Chairman and Chief Executive of USA Next and United Seniors Association (USA).

Mr. Jarvis' political career includes stints as a senior executive in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, including Deputy Undersecretary of the Interior. He also served as Legislative Director for U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

His organization, United Seniors Association, is a 1.5 million-plus national network of grassroots activists dedicated to Uniting the Generations for America’s FutureTM. USA works intensively to expand Economic Freedom, Health Freedom and Retirement and Investment Freedom for all Americans at every age and every stage in life.

We discussed President Bush's vision for an ownership society including his plans for individual voluntary retirement accounts in which American workers could invest a percentage of their social security payroll tax into the stock market. It was a very interesting discussion and we hope to have Mr. Jarvis back on the show soon to go into greater detail on this important topic.

Pundit Review Radio: November 20

This week we talked about the opening of the Clinton Library and highlighted the work of some of the best blog posts that we enjoyed during the week.

We talked about many, many subjects including Iraq, Fallujah and the Marine caught on tape incident, Condi as Sec. of State, Europe's decline and resentment, a new taxpayer subsidized Mosque being built in Boston and we even talked about the $15 billion boondoggle known as the Big Dig (aka Big Pig)

Some of the blogs we highlighted during this segment include Powerline, The American Thinker, Marlowe's Shade and The Black Republican. We had a great time and hope you enjoy this segment.

Monday, November 22, 2004

The high water mark for bloggers

Bloggers have done a lot of important work in recent months, from driving the MSM crazy in general, to debunking specific stories that were either completely false (Dan Rather) or just misleading (missing weapons).

On Pundit Review Radio we are dedicated to following the work of the best, most influencial bloggers and thought leaders in the new media. We started this show because of how impressed we are with these people and because we believe they play an increasingly important role in how politics is covered by the media and digested by the public.

For all the great work that has been done, nothing can compare to what Chief Wiggles, Dean Esmay and Operation Give have done.

Dean was one of the first guests on Pundit Review Radio. He came on not to talk about media bias or his blog, but to discuss a special project that a group of bloggers had undertaken to help a young Iraqi girl.

Here is the backstory, Chief Wiggles is a military blogger stationed in Iraq. He started handing out toys to kids there and was blown away by their reaction. He posted about it and asked for more toys. Before he knew what hit him, he had thousands of toys. A group of bloggers decided to formalize this and started Operation Give, a blogger driven charity.

A soldier associated with Operation Give in Iraq was approached by an Iraqi man who told him that his seven month old daughter needed immediate medical attention. The baby, named Tabby, had a cancerous growth on her face that would kill her if left untreated. The operation needed was unavailable in Iraq but routine here in the states. Operation Give went to work, letting the blogsphere know about Tabby's situation and they proceeded to raise funds for her and her father to come to the states. They also found a doctor to perform the surgery, a family to put them up and even arranged for an expedited Visa so they could get here quickly.

Today, Dean posted an update on Tabby. The long and short of it, thanks to Chief Wiggles, Operation Give and thanks especially to the blogsphere who rallied around this cause, Tabby is here in the Unietd States, having her surgery and getting a new lease on life.

Fox News just did a story on Tabby that is incredibly moving. Be sure to watch the attached video.

For more background on Tabby and Operation Give, check out Pundit Review Radio's interviews with Dean Esmay on here and here

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Chirac knows something about De-Gall

Dennis Boyle has an excellent article on National Review Online

The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter.

Jacques Chirac recently ridiculed Blair's support of the war in Iraq:

I said then to Tony Blair: 'You absolutely have to obtain something in exchange
for your support.' Well, Britain gave its support but I did not see much in
return. I am not sure that it is in the nature of our American friends at the
moment to return favours systematically.

That, of course, is exactly what we should by now expect from Chirac, the notion that if it's not a bribe, it's not a deal. It would never occur to Chirac that what Blair got in exchange for liberating Iraq had nothing to do with the U.S. What Blair got was what he thought he'd get, the knowledge that he had done the right thing for his own country and for others.

What an unsophisticated way to see the world, non? A French leader would never say, "Either you are with us, or you're against us." In French, it translates like this: "Either you give us something, or we are against you."

Europe's Long Goodbye

Read the whole letter at The American Thinker. Spotted it over at Dean Esmay.

Originally uploaded by punditreview.
Open Letter To Europe
By Herbert Meyer

With the notable exception of Great Britain, you no longer have the military strength to defend yourselves. Alas, you no longer have the will to defend yourselves.

What worries me even more than all this is your willful blindness. You refuse to see that it is you, not we Americans, who have abandoned Western Civilization. So take a good, hard look at yourselves and see what your own future will be if you don't change course. And please, stop sneering at America long enough to understand it. After all, Western Civilization was your gift to us, and you ought to be proud of what we Americans have made of it.

Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council. His DVD on The Siege of Western Civilization is a nationwide best-seller.

Clinton's Legacy Comes Into Focus

Below Top Secret is wondering,

"I couldn't help but notice. The cubist style symbolism

Originally uploaded by punditreview.

seems to ask: Was this the erection of a building or the building of an erection?"

Ann Althouse's first thought, "What a glamerous looking prison."

Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News,

But behind the facade of generous tributes was the sad spectacle of the once-most powerful man on Earth trying desperately to find his footing on history's rain-slicked ladder. It's a tricky climb, and time is no longer his friend - and not just because of his fragile health.

The world before 9/11 seems like a million years ago. Most of the political lessons he taught us then about the "third way" mean little now. In all the important ways, the
future became unhinged from the past. And so the Man from Hope is now the Man
from Yesterday.

That's not to say Bill Clinton isn't relevant. He is to the 30,000 devotees who trekked to Arkansas and to the millions who look back with fondness on the first baby boomer President.

And each time his party loses a presidential election, he looks more like a giant. It is shocking to remember that no Democrat since FDR has been elected twice -except Clinton.

Jay Leno

You know what today was? The official opening of the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. President Bush was there. Huge event. Poured. Nothing but rain. Which is kind of ironic because a lot of dresses got ruined.

President Bush was there. In fact, when they told President Bush it was going to be a gala event. He said, "None of them are going to be getting married, right?”

In fact there were 4 presidents there, standing side by side. Presidents Carter, Bush One, Clinton and of course George W. Bush all standing together. It kind of looked like the 99 cent store version of Mt. Rushmore!

It was all very dignified. You know there was one kind of tacky moment when Clinton started handing out cigars. I didn’t think that was proper form.

One other thing I thought was premature. When Hillary announced groundbreaking for her own presidential library.

Hillary Clinton said Bill Clinton’s Library "tells the story of his life.” In fact, that’s why it’s a two story building.

and my favorite,

Al Gore was sitting there. I don’t want to say that al has gotten big, but Clinton saw him from behind and said, "Monica?”

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Bin Laden, Zarqawi Are Attempting to Communicate

Is there any doubt that the Bush foriegn policy strategy has the Al-Qaeda network on the run? Their ability to communicate and execute has been severly disrupted and their leadership has been gutted. There is much to criticize about execution in post-war Iraq, but the strategy was sound, and has been proven so since our invasion. Iraq was a central player in global terrorism. Saddam was bribing governments across Europe, corrupting and endicting the United Nations at the same time. We now know the reason the UN did not lift a finger in Iraq, because the status quo was better for them. It was good business.

Bin Laden, Zarqawi Are Attempting to Communicate, U.S. Says

Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Jordanian terrorist
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are attempting to communicate with each other, a general
with the U.S. Central Command told a news conference at the Pentagon.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Do you support the Marine in the NBC 'video'?

Blogs for Bush tell you where to go to show your support for the young Marine caught in the Sites of a media and propaganda firestorm?

Here is a sample,

Our fighting men and women sacrifice all for us, but now we can do
something, even if small, in return. Contact the Pentagon to tell them
you support this Marine and that his actions were entirely legitimate given the circumstances.

Office of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

ATTN: Public Affairs Office9999

Joint Staff Pentagon, Rm 2E857

Washington, DC 20318-9999

(703) 697-4272

Director of Public Affairs

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

2 Navy Annex

Washington, DC 20380-1775

(703) 614-6251

A Marine writes home about the 'shooting caught on tape'

Powerline has a very powerful letter home from a Marine in Iraq who is on his second tour of duty. He talks about the shooting incident caught on tape and immediately broadcast by Kevin Sites and NBC. Read It.

For more on Kevin Sites, Little Green Footballs has it.

I guess I have been wondering if it would kill Kevin Sites, the reporter, to say to himself, "for the safety of these troops, I'm not going to broadcast this and hand these savages a PR recruitment tool they will be able to misuse and misrepresent for years." Is Kevin Sites career so damn important? Is he doing us a public service by broadcasting this? Who has anything to gain from broadcasting this other than the terrorists and Kevin Sites himself?

Instapundit linked to this great round-up on the subject from Chapomatic who observes,

This is an information war; just as Al-Jazeera didn’t play the Italian or
CARE snuff film murders and nobody showed the pictures of the horror we
stopped in Falluja, and just as the pornographic obsession with Abu Ghraib
dominated media, this will become a way to weaken the American center of gravity of public support. This is a warfare tactic as surely as cryptography use or artillery employment.

The Wall Street Journal has a terrific editorial on the subject today,

Beyond the one incident, think of what the Marine and Army units just
accomplished in Fallujah. In a single week, they killed as many as 1,200 of the
enemy and captured 1,000 more. They did this despite forfeiting the element of
surprise, so civilians could escape, and while taking precautions to protect
Iraqis that no doubt made their own mission more difficult and hazardous. And
they did all of this not for personal advantage, and certainly not to get rich,
but only out of a sense of duty to their comrades, their mission and their

In a more grateful age, this would be hailed as one of the great
battles in Marine history--with Guadalcanal, Peleliu, Hue City and the Chosin
Reservoir. We'd know the names of these military units, and of many of the
soldiers too. Instead, the name we know belongs to the NBC correspondent, Kevin

We suppose he was only doing his job, too. But that doesn't mean the
rest of us have to indulge in the moral abdication that would equate deliberate
televised beheadings of civilians with a Marine shooting a terrorist, who may or
may not have been armed, amid the ferocity of battle.

And Thomas Sowell has this for bleeding hearts like Chris Matthews of Hardball, who has been asking,

"what may be the illegal killing of a wounded, unarmed insurgent" and "Is there ever a justification for shooting an unarmed enemy?"
The unreality of this question is breath-taking, both logically and
historically. The rules of war, the Geneva Convention, do not protect
soldiers who are not wearing their own country's uniforms. To get the protection
of rules, you have to play by the rules. Terrorists are not enemy soldiers
covered by the rules of war. Nor should they be. They observe no rules.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More fundamental dishonesty from the New York Times

The MSM has clearly adopted the storyline that President Bush is only appointing yes men/women to his cabinet. They say he shuts people out who disagree. They always bring up Gen. Shinseki as proof of their story line. He was, they say, fired for having a dissenting opinion. John Kerry ran around the country saying Bush/Rumsfeld got rid of him becaise he disagreed with them.

Washington Times, Inside the Ring, By Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough

Gen. Shinseki was challenged by higher-ups about his estimate. And he and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld did not see eye to eye on Army transformation. But Gen. Shinseki, a decorated Vietnam War combatant, was not forced out by Mr. Bush or anyone else. He served his full four-year term before retiring as scheduled in August 2003 after 37 years in the Army.

It's just not true that he was fired for having a different opinion, but it fits the script.

New York Times: New C.I.A. Chief Tells Workers to Back Administration Policies
November 17, 2004

WASHINGTON, - Porter J. Goss, the new intelligence chief, has told Central
Intelligence Agency employees that their job is to "support the administration
and its policies in our work,'' a copy of an internal memorandum shows.
Discouraging dissenting views. Get with the program or get out. You get the picture. It fits the script.

The memo also said,

"We do not make policy, though we do inform those who make it. We avoid political involvement, especially political partisanship."

So the page one, above the fold story in the Times didn't have room for this part of the memo. For such an important story, you would think they would have read the whole thing.

The White House press briefing had several questions about today's 'front page' story.

Q. Why shouldn't people, though, see this as an effort to tell people at the
CIA, if you disagree, keep your mouth shut?

MR. McCLELLAN: That's not at all what he was saying. And if you look at
the email, he said what the direction from the President was to him when he took
over as the Director of Central Intelligence. He said the President's direction
was very clear: the intelligence community must do all it can to keep Americans
safe, both here and abroad. And we appreciate all the work that the men and
women of the CIA are doing. He also went in to say in that email that: "We do
not make policy, though we do inform those who make it. We avoid political
involvement, especially political partisanship." So you have to look at the
entire email. It's exactly what he said.

This is one reason why the NY Times is so powerful, and dangerous. They used to be able to drive coverage in any direction they wanted. Thank heaven for the blogs. The blogs have changed the way the game is being played. It is no longer a monopoly. It is no longer a quick and easy trip from the Times front page to national syndication around the country to the evening news. Today, a story has to go through a mine field of blogs who get great satisfaction from highlighting their bias. This story is just another screaming headline hiding a thin, predictable storyline.

Monday, November 15, 2004

50% of conservatives at New York Times quit

With the resignation of William Safire on the editorial page of the New York Times, that leaves David Brooks as the only conservative writing for the paper. He joins the Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby as the lone conservatives writing for the editorial pages of these once respected papers.

In the immortal words of John Kerry, 'Can I get me some affirmative action here?'

Safire to Retire from 'NYT' Op-Ed Column
NEW YORK William Safire, the conservative voice on the New York Times Op-Ed
page for more than three decades, will end his regular column in early 2005, a
Times spokeswoman said Monday."He's written it for a long time and has been
talking to [Times Publisher] Arthur [Sulzberger Jr.] about this for a year and a
half," said spokeswoman Catherine Mathis. "His last column will be Jan.

UN's Oil for Food Scandal EXPLODING

Saddam's Oil for Food Scam Twice As Big As Previously Thought
NEW YORK — Saddam Hussein's regime made more than $21.3 billion
in illegal revenue by subverting the U.N. Oil-for-Food program (search) through surcharges, kickbacks and smuggling oil — more than double previous estimates, according to congressional investigators.

Washington Post
Oil-for-Food Official May Have Blocked Inquiries
Head of U.N. Program in Iraq Accused of Improperly Accepting Purchasing Rights

UNITED NATIONS -- Benon Sevan, the official accused of improperly receiving
lucrative rights to purchase oil from Saddam Hussein's government while he was
running the U.N. oil-for-food program in Iraq, discouraged his staff from
probing allegations of corruption and helped block efforts by the U.N.
anti-corruption unit to assess where the program was vulnerable to abuse,
according to senior U.N. officials.

and for more background, here is a killer article by the reporter leading the charge on this story, Claudia Rosett of the Wall Street Journal.

The Oil-for-Food Scam: What Did Kofi Annan Know, and When Did He Know It?
The UN, in the name of its own lofty principles, and to its rich emolument,
actively helped sustain and protect a tyrant whose brutality and repression were
the cause of Iraqi deprivation in the first place. What can this mean? The
answer may be simply that, along with its secrecy, its massed cadres of
bureaucrats beholden to the favor of the man at the top, its almost complete
lack of accountability, external oversight, or the most elementary checks and
balances, the UN suffers from an endemic affinity with anti-Western despots, and
will turn a blind eye to the devil himself in order to keep them in power.
Certainly there is much in its history and its behavior to support this view.

Perhaps, then, the complicity was there all along, built in, and was
merely reinforced year after year as the UN collected the commissions and
processed the funds that transformed Oil-for-Food into the sleaziest program
ever to fly the UN flag and the single largest item on every budget of all nine
UN agencies involved, plus the Secretariat itself. That, in the end, may be the
dirty secret at the center of the Oil-for-Food scandal.

Two of our favorites have great columns today

The indespensible Charles Krauthammer on Arafat's Legacy,

It is a legacy in two parts: means and ends. The means? Violence. Arafat
invented modern terrorism: airplane hijackings, kidnappings, and the spectacular
mass murder, like the Olympic massacre of 1972. Others had tried it. Arafat
perfected it. He turned terror into a brilliantly successful political
instrument, a vehicle to international recognition and respect. The man who
murdered more innocent Jews than anyone since Hitler died an international hero.
The president of France bowed to his casket. The secretary-general ordered UN
flags to fly at half-staff.

Arafat also bequeathed a legacy of ends: uncompromising irridentist ends.
He didn't just reject any settlement that would leave Israel intact, thereby
setting a precedent that any successor dare not violate. He also raised a new
generation to ensure that rejection. Deploying every instrument of propaganda --
television, radio, newspapers and, most importantly, schools and summer camps
for children -- his Palestinian Authority fed his people a diet of such virulent
anti-Semitism and denial of the Jewish connection with the land that no
successor will even be in position to contemplate breaking Arafat's rejectionist

The great Michael Barone tells us how the blogs ran circles around the mainstream media,

It was a bad election for Old Media. More than in any other election in the
last half-century, Old Media -- The New York Times and CBS News, joined often
but not always by The Washington Post, other major newspapers, ABC News and NBC News -- was an active protagonist in this election, working hard to prevent the
re-election of George W. Bush and doing what it could for John Kerry. The
problem for Old Media is that it no longer has the kind of monopoly control over
political news that it enjoyed a quarter-century ago. And its efforts to help
John Kerry proved counterproductive.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Jimmy Carter: Tears for terrorists

Jimmy Carter is beyond pathetic at this point. He has a clueless stance on human rights. His record demonstrates that he is a champion of human rights abusers, not human rights. The thing that really rubs me wrong is his pretentiousness.

On Thursday Carter called Yasser Arafat "a powerful human symbol and forceful advocate" who united Palestinians in their pursuit of a homeland.

"Yasser Arafat's death marks the end of an era and will no doubt be
painfully felt by Palestinians throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the
world," Carter said. "He was the father of the modern Palestinian nationalist
movement. A powerful human symbol and forceful advocate, Palestinians united
behind him in their pursuit of a homeland. Arafat provided "indispensable
leadership to a revolutionary movement" and played a key role in forging a peace
agreement with Israel in 1993, he was excluded from negotiations in recent

"My hope is that an emerging Palestinian leadership can benefit from
Arafat's experiences, be welcomed to the peace process by (Israeli) Prime
Minister (Ariel) Sharon and (US) President (George W.) Bush, and be successful
in helping to forge a Palestinian state living in harmony with their Israeli
neighbors," Carter said.

Today, writing in the New York Times, Carter says

For more than 40 years, Yasir Arafat was the undisputed leader of the
fragmented and widely dispersed Palestinian community and the symbol of its
cause. His pre-eminent role was not perpetuated by his boldness or clarity of
purpose, but was protected from challenge by his status as the only common
denominator around which the disparate factions could find a rallying point.

What a pitiful old fool Jimmy Carter has become.

Both Carter and Arafat are Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Of course they are.

This love affair has been going on for a while...

Carter's Delusions About Arafat
A former U.S. president continues to present Arafat as peaceful and democratic.

Carter concludes that the U.S. can no longer play an even-handed
negotiating role because it is "aligned today with Israel and making demands
that Palestinians will not accept." Incredibly, Carter suggests that "other
world leaders -- perhaps in the Arab world, Europe or the United Nations" should
get involved in negotiations. Does Carter expect a fair deal out of a
historically anti-Israel coalition?

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Gee, it's hot in here

Arafat's Dead, good riddance. Interetsed in his legacy, click here.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Ultimate Sacrifice

How many of us have watched countless hours of World War II battles on the History Channel? With the passage of time, the loss of life in defense of our country becomes acceptable as we realize the freedoms we have enjoyed all these years were the result of their sacrifices.

That kind of perspective comes only with the passage of time. In real-time it is violent, disturbing and humbling. The personal tragedy that is befalling this man's family tonight is incredibly sad and my heart goes out to them. This man gave his life defending me, my children and all that I hold dear.

He did not die for a mistake. He did not give his life for a diversion. He was part of a historic, bold mission that is a strategic and central part of the war on terror.

When my kids watch the battle for Fallujah on the History Channel in fifteen or twenty years, they will see clearly how important it was to the future of civilization that we took out Saddam Hussein's Iraq and fought and won the war against these fanatics.

How do you say thank you?

Here is one small way to express our gratitude. As Americans who benefit from his ultimate sacrifice, we should be raising money for these families with as much energy and enthusiasm as we did for the 9-11 families. It is outrageous but true, the government does not adequately provide for the families of those who pay the ultimate price.

Pundit Review Radio: Interview with Blogs for Bush founder Matt Margolis

This week our guest was Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush. We looked toward a second Bush term and wondered about his mandate as we talked judicial appointments, social security reform, health savings accounts, tax reform and of course the war on terror.

We also looked back at the election and examined why Bush won, Kerry lost and what role the new media played in the whole process.

It was a lot of fun and we thank Matt for spending part of his Saturday with us on Pundit Review Radio

Monday, November 08, 2004

New York Times: Assassinations, the good old days

And I thought Howell Raines was bad? I used to find it amusing when the Times displayed it's bias on the obituary page. I got used to it when they had opinions infused throughout their news coverage. When they spun like crazy for Kerry during the campaign, who was surprised?

A typical smear of the President by the New York Times goes something like this,
White House reporter Elisabeth Bumiller twice treated a
left-wing Internet-based conspiracy theory as legitimate news.

What was that bulge in the back of President Bush's suit jacket at the presidential debate in Miami last week? According to rumors racing across the Internet this week, the rectangular bulge visible between Mr. Bush's shoulder blades was a radio
receiver, getting answers from an offstage counselor into a hidden presidential
earpiece. The prime suspect was Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's powerful political
adviser. When the online magazine Salon published an article about the rumors on
Friday, the speculation reached such a pitch that White House and campaign
officials were inundated with calls.

She followed up a week later in her October 18 "White House Letter,"
after the last presidential debate: "There are also two story lines from the
presidential debates that to the exasperation of President Bush's advisers won't
go away: the bubble and the bulge."
The paper of record engaging in tawdry gossip mongering. This week, The Hill newspaper broke the story of Bush’s Bulge,

Call off the conspiracy freaks. Now it can be told: That mysterious bulge on
President Bush’s back during the first presidential debate was not an electronic
device feeding him answers, but a strap holding his bulletproof vest in

But sources in the Secret Service told The Hill that Bush
was wearing a bulletproof vest, as he does most of the time when appearing in
public. The president’s handlers did not want to admit as much during the
campaign, for fear of disclosing information related to his personal security
while he was on the campaign trail.

However, the latest example of hostility toward George W. Bush is really disturbing and I hope people notice and take action. I'm going to call and re-cancel my subscription.

Blog Lone Star Realtity sets the stage,

Unbelievably, in this article entitled "Can History Save The Democrats", the New York Times compares the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln and McKinley to
"Acts of God." They then compare Bush to Lincoln and McKinley, and end up in a
barely veiled request for another assassination.

John Hinderacker at Powerline is wondering,

are Murphy and the Times suggesting that the assassination of President Bush is a possible solution to the Democrats' problems? Normally I would assume not. But Murphy's piece begins with the assassination of Lincoln, discusses the political impact of the assassination of McKinley, and concludes:

Professor Wilentz of Princeton said that even if the 2004 victory was an
incremental one, that should not comfort the Democrats. He said Mr. Rove and Mr.
Bush now have a chance to do what Hanna and McKinley never did: Lay the
foundation for lasting Republican dominance. "The Republicans are basically unchecked," Professor Wilentz said. "There is no check in the federal government and no check in the world. They have an unfettered playing field."

Until the next act of God, that is.

I don't know, maybe he was talking about a really big hurricane.

Dean Esmay says,

Well. It appears that we've gone from "an illegitimate moron in the White House"
to “half of America is stupid and evil and we hope Chimpboy gets his head blown

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Daily Kos: Do you know who I was

When will the little nuggest of joy end? We've seen liberal columnsits like Richard Cohen at the Washington Post saying, "From a Democratic perspective, what this country needs is a good recession", we've had pathetic columns by Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman and a host of others.

Now Liberal blogger and darling of the media, The Daily Kos, is worried. Since the 15 candidates he helped raise money for went 0-15, his career as a political consultant is in question, unless Shrum is hiring. No wonder The Daily Was is fretting about his financial future,

November 5, 2004 7:31 p.m.

Markos Moulitsas, one of the Internet's better-known left-wing bloggers, is
disappointed about John Kerry's defeat in the presidential election -- and a bit
worried about his own livelihood.

Mr. Moulitsas, who runs the popular Web log, has been
reaping more than $10,000 per month in advertising revenue in the past half year
-- nearly $20,000 in each of the last two months -- as hundreds of thousands of
like-minded political junkies visited his site. But much of the spending was by
political campaigns, and new advertising dried up just a few days before the

"I'm not in danger of being thrown out on the street, but it does make
me nervous," said Mr. Moulitsas, 33 years old. "For me to get to the point where
it's this quiet... I'm a little nervous about it right now."

Not Knowing Your Running Mate's Nasty Past, Priceless

Newsweek has an exhaustive look inside the Kerry campaign. What a mess. The highlight so far is the passage about John Edwards reaction when he learned some of the Swift Boat Veterans charges were TRUE.

Hair Brush: $4

Running for President after only 4 years in the Senate: $25 million

Not knowing your running mate met with the Communist enemy during the Vietnam War: Priceless.

Stephanie Cutter, the boss of the Kerry communications shop, explained that the campaign didn't need to give the Swift Boat vets any more attention than they were already getting.

Edwards played along, but his aides were indignant. They warned the veep candidate that the story was already out of control and about to get worse. Historian Douglas Brinkley, author of a wartime biography of Kerry, cautioned that Kerry's diary included mention of a meeting with some North Vietnamese terrorists in Paris. Edwards was flabbergasted. "Let me get this straight," the senator said. "He met with terrorists? Oh, that's good."

Fallujah: It has to be done. God Bless Our Brave Troops

Fallujah: It's coming and we are praying, yes blue states, we are praying, for our incredibly brave troops in Iraq. I thought this editorial in the New York Post was impressively candid. God Bless Them.

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New York Post Editorial

November 6, 2004 -- A noose was tightening around the Iraqi terrorist stronghold of Fallujah yesterday.
With some 10,000 U.S. Marines and Army troops set to move in, airborne gunships and jet fighter-bombers targeted key defensive positions and key exits from the city were blocked.

Clearly, the long-awaited reduction of Fallujah was about to begin.

Days? Hours?


Urban warfare with modern weapons is deadly business, and the defenders intrinsically hold an advantage. But, in this case, it is necessary business if Iraq is to hold meaningful elections in January.

Young Americans will die in Fallujah to fulfill the promise of Iraqi democracy, perhaps in disturbingly large numbers.

But a safer, more secure America is the ultimate objective. For that goal, these brave young men will cheerfully do their duty.

God bless them, every one.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Pundit Review Radio: This Saturday's guest is Matt Margolis

This Saturday Pundit Review Radio will be speaking with Matt Margolis, founder of Blogs for Bush. What in the world will we talk about?

You can listen to the show live between noon-1pm EST at If you would like to call into the show, our toll free number is 877.711.1060

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Looking back on the 'best month ever'

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Election Reflections...

1. Knowing how miserable Michael Moore, Al Franken and George Soros are today makes me all warm inside. These nasty, vile people were so over the top in their criticism of the President it is heartwarming to know that they were rejected by the public.

2. The Democrat Party is a slow motion train wreck under Terry McAuliffe. Zell Miller had it exactly right, A National Party No More. They are the party of the elites, not the middle class. Take a look at this map. It is astonishing. They still believe their ideals and values represent mainstream America. They may represent mainstream Manhattan, but the facts on the ground, and votes in the ballot box, tell a far different story.

Here is Hilalry Clinton endorsing the notion that if young people don't vote, they will die because of a second Bush administration,

I really think that this year — more than any other — that young people have
their lives at stake.

Perhaps they should change the slogan to Change or Die, because if they don't change their ways, their Party is dead. When you rely on college students and people who have never voted before to win elections, you are headed for permanent minority party status.

3. The mainstream media (MSM) is in a credibility free-fall. From the Big 3 TV networks to our major daily newspapers, they have been exposed as Democrat cheerleaders in a way which was just not possible before the rise of the blogs. The frustration of the old guard like Tom Brokaw has been hilarious to watch, (A blogger Jihad against Dan Rather?), Jonathan Klein (bloggers are just guys in their PJ's). Like the Party they cheerlead for, they are in denial in a big way.

4. Blogs are now the Omudsman of the 21st Century. The influence they had motivating their followers and exposing the myriad of ways in which the MSM spins for the Democrats is one of the big stories of this election. A few examples of the incredible bias that exploded in their face include:
a. Dan Rather's Memogate fiasco. Don't miss our interview with Scott Johnson of Powerline.
b. The early exit polls which showed a Kerry landslide
c. The missing weapons story
d. The vilification of the Swift Boat Veterans

Thank you Instapundit, Powerline, LittleGreenFootballs, RealClearPolitics, INDCJournal, BlogsforBush, Don Luskin, Hugh Hewitt, Dean Esmay, OpinionJournal, VodkaPundit, Ann Althouse, Captain's Quarters, JunkYardBlog, The Corner, Mudville Gazette, Arthur Chernkoff, Roger Simon, NZ Bear, Michelle Malkin and all the other bloggers who been instrumental in exposing the MSM this election season.

5. This was a huge defeat for the secularists who disrespect and look down their nose at people of faith. I had to laugh at the MSM media reaction when most people identified moral issues as the biggest factor when voting. They simply could not understand this. The reasons for this include: Bush's respect for life, whether on stem cells or abortion; Kerry's extremism on abortion. However, a stealth factor here is the liberal elite/Hollywood support that was so negative and so nasty towards George Bush. Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, this entire crowd is the GOP's secret weapon. The public rejected their hate, rejects their values and rejected the candidate and issues they support.

6. Some bloggers like Jeff Jarvis are signing pledges to be kinder and gentler going forward. Until the Democrat Party changes, I say no thanks. They are on the ropes and we should be (rhetorically) punching them in the nose, not handing them a towel. Their behavior in this campaign, their irresponsible rhetoric, their willingness to jump to the worst conclusions about our military (Abu Ghraib, missing weapons) doesn't exactly have me in a forgiving mood.

7. Thank you America for sending the world a message that we are strong and resolute in this fight against terrorism. The war being waged against us turns 25 years old today. It was on this day in 1979 when Iranian radicals stormed our embassy and took 52 Americans hostages. For twenty-two of these years, we were not fighting this war. September 11 woke us up, or at least some of us. Thanks to the incredible men and women in our militray and the character, faith and leadership of George W. Bush to make the tough, unpopular but critical decisions, we are now fighting all over the world and winning this difficult war.

8. The GOP has no excuses in this second term. Daschle is gone. Things have to get done, and non-defense spending has to be restrained. They cannot continue to claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility if they continue to spend like, well, like Democrats. Bush should tackle the tough issues that cannot be done by a first term president for political reasons. Social security reform. Immigration reform. Tax reform. Just get it done GOP. You have an expanded majority and now is your time. No more excuses.

9. Yassar Arafat, the man who is the best known terrorist of the 20th century, the man who Bill Clinton helped get a Nobel Peace Prize, is on his death bed (in a French hospital, how perfect) and the gates of hell are open and waiting.

10. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions.

Monday, November 01, 2004

What media bias?

Study: Kerry Gets Best Press Ever

WASHINGTON, DC - John Kerry is getting the most favorable network news coverage of any presidential candidate in the past quarter century, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) at George Mason University, in a study of television news since 1980. CMPA also reports that George Bush's coverage is highly negative this year, but doesn't approach the record for bad press held by Ronald Reagan.

Without that bias, Bush is up 5-7 points

INDCJournal is on a roll,

Shocking. Somewhere at this very moment, an underoo-clad Eric Alterman sticks his fingers in his ears, jumps face first onto his bed and shouts "Nonononononononononononononononononono," while kicking spastic swipes at the empty air.

In retrospect, I suppose that there were signs ...

October 8, 2004, ABC News Political Director Mark Halpern admonished ABC staff: During coverage of Democrat Kerry and Republican Bush not to "reflexively and artificially hold both sides 'equally' accountable." ... "This is now John Kerry's contest to lose."

July, 2004 Evan Thomas, the Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek

“There’s one other base here: the media. Let’s talk a little media bias here. The media, I think, wants Kerry to win. And I think they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards -- I’m talking about the establishment media, not Fox, but -- they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards as being young and dynamic and optimistic and all,
there’s going to be this glow about them that some, is going to be worth, collectively, the two of them, that’s going to be worth maybe 15 points.”

Pundit Review Radio: Interview with JunkYardBlog

We spoke to Bryan Preston of Junk Yard Blog about his great site, about the anti-Michael Moore documentary FahrenHYPE-911 and the upcoming election.

Pundit Review Radio: Interview with Dean Esmay

This week we talked to Dean Esmay about the great work of the blogger-driven charity Operation Give. Thanks to their efforts, a young Iraqi girl named Tabby is now in the US receiving life saving medical care.

We also talked to Dean about his recent interviews with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and got his thought on the final days (hopefully) of Election 2004.

Rudy's last minute appeal


But as a New Yorker, an American, a believer in the power of liberty — and
as a father — I think the most important reason to re-elect the president is
that he is the candidate best able to protect American from those who seek to
harm us.

With a single stunning speech, delivered on Sept. 20, 2001 to a united
American public and both houses of Congress, President Bush reversed 30 years of
inconsistent and dangerously inadequate response to terrorism. He announced the
Bush Doctrine — that this nation would no longer only play defense, passively
awaiting the next terrorist strike but would go on the offensive.

Instead, we have dismantled an entire national incubator for global
terrorism, arrested hundreds of imminent actors here and abroad, foiled several
looming attack plans and removed from power a dictator who not only murdered
thousands of his own people, but stood as a sponsor and symbol of world

Regardless of the outcome of this election, for his swift, decisive,
unwavering — and right — reaction to the greatest attack in American history,
George W. Bush has earned a place as one of our greatest presidents.

With much left to accomplish, we owe it to America to re-elect
President Bush.

Great moments in higher education

On C-SPAN the other day I stop to watch Daniel Flynn talk about his book Intellectual Morons. The setting was beautiful little Colby College in Waterville, ME. The first question from a student reminded me of why they say Colby puts the liberal in liberal arts,

Things are bad in the US economy and they are getting worse, they are bad all
over the world and getting worse. We’ve tried capitalism for a long time
now and it’s not working is it?

To his credit, Dan Flynn had a sense of humor about such drivel from a student at an elite school. His response was priceless,

Oh yes. You know when I was in Miami recently; I was amazed at how many
people were building makeshift boats trying to get back to Havana. And
remember when the Berlin Wall was still up, remember all those people scaling
the wall to get to the east? Give me a break.

It’s not a lost cause at Camp Colby. Two campus bloggers have sites worth checking out, Colby & Beyond and Mayflower Hill. They did a great job covering Al Franken’s recent appearance on campus.