Monday, January 31, 2005

John Kerry: Iraq vote, no big deal

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Has there ever been a more revealing comment from a politician?

John Kerry on Meet The Press yesterday,

"But no one in the United States or in the world-- and I'm confident of what the world response will be. No one in the United States should try to overhype this

What does it say about Kerry that he is more certain of the world reaction that he is of the reaction here at home? Pathetic.

Don't overhype the election for fear that George Bush gets the credit he deserves. On a day that should bring pride to every American, John Kerry's message is, "No Big Deal". How inspiring, uplifting. Way to get people rallied behind our mission. That's the point isn't it. He doesn't want to see our mission succeed. Did he seem disappointed by the success of the election, by the huge turnout or is that just cynical old me?

How about a word or two about the sacrifice of our troops and their families for a job well done and a successful, nobel mission to liberate Iraq and spread democracy in the heart of the mideast. Will never happen. Sure, he praised the troops yesterday, but only in the context of his belief that it has all been part of this terrible disaster that Iraq is.

The people of Massachusetts should be ashamed for having two Senators who are actively rooting for defeat in Iraq.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Ted K. Message To Our Troops: Hurry Up and Lose

Just when you think the Ted kennedy can't get any lower, he makes a big speech demanding an immediate timetable for withdrawal of our troops in soon to be democratic Iraq. Even a kid in middle school has the logic to understand that if you give the bad guys a date which you will be leaving, you are handing them the keys to the castle. What happens to the Iraqi people then? How about stability in the region? Does he want to see a terrorist state? I thought Sen. Chivas ws a deeply compassionate person, concerned about human rights, freedom and liberty. No, he isn't.

Colorado State Senator Steve Johnson sums up my feelings on his blog,

Ted Kennedy shocked the world, all except for the liberal establishment of
course, by stating on the floor of the Senate this month (May 2004) that
"Saddam's torture chamber reopened under new management," referring to the
isolated but appalling revelations at Abu Ghraib prison.

How Kennedy could compare the actions of a few misguided men to the systematic torture and genocide of thousands or millions at the hands of the madman Saddam defies all logic. But then the 'blame America first crowd' always defies logic. It never
ceases to amaze me why the good people of Massachusetts don't laugh this
unpatriotic traitor out of their state instead of sending him back to the U.S.

Welcome to our nightmare Senator Johnson. Sen. Chivas can say or do anything and I mean anything (drunk driving/vehicular homicide included) without consequences. His remarks about Abu Ghraib were disgusting and incredibly harmful to the people who wear our uniform in Iraq. His constant defeatism has done nothing but hurt our troops and our standing in the world. Remember, "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam." How has he helped the US by calling our new Sec. of State a liar. He hasn't. Through his words and deeds, Teddy Kennedy makes it clear every day that he is salivating over the prospect of our defeat in Iraq.

It is ironic that the guy so appalled by the idea of pre-empitive action is now urging the administration to take pre-emptive action that would ensure defeat in Iraq. The prospect of a free election and Democracy in Iraq is too much for him. Why chance it? Let's leave now and go home. That way, the soldiers he cares about so much won't have to dodge bullets and bombs in Iraq. That is what he piously claims he wants. Send the boys and girls home. He cares about them. Please. He cares about scoring political points and making quips that undermine their mission and morale at every turn. Ask yourself this, what more could Ted Kennedy do to undermine our mission and encourage the insurgents. This guy is a United States Senator and the most revered guy in the Democrat Party. What a sad commentary.

WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's blistering call yesterday for a
speedy pullout of U.S. forces from Iraq drew a scathing rebuke from Republicans, who accused Kennedy of torpedoing American foreign policy.

``It's remarkable that Sen. Kennedy would deliver such an overtly pessimistic message only days before the Iraq election,'' said Republican National Committee spokesman Brian Jones.

``Kennedy's partisan attack stands in stark contrast to President Bush's vision of spreading freedom around the world."

Protein Wisdom has some of his own unique thoughts on Ted K.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ted K: whistling through the graveyard

So a pack of sore loser Democrats want to spend the afternoon bashing Condi Rice before they approve her by a 80-something to mid-teens vote. Ok, ok, we get it. You've learned nothing from the election. Everything you have been doing is working. Why change now? Good for them. Keep on talking, stay all week if you want.

Ted Kennedy, of course, was one of the loudest critics, blasting not just Condi Rice, but our troops,

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy called Rice "a key member of the
national security team that developed and justified the rationale for war, and
it's been a catastrophic failure, a continuing quagmire."

Kennedy has been on a tear since dropping some weight recently. Pent up aggression over the diet? Who knows. All I know is that he is so insulated, so removed from reality, so comfortable in his position that he believes he can say anything without consequence. The dream has died Teddy. You will be the last one to recognize it.

Kennedy's BS this month isn't confined to belittling the military.

“It’s not the ‘boomers’ causing the crisis in social security, it’s George Bush
and the Republican party.”

Really? National Review's Byron York reminds us that Ted Kennedy and many other Democrats had a different view during the Clinton administration. Fighting off a proposed tax cut by Republicans in September 1998, Kenendy said,

"Save Social Security first!"

He plays both sides of the issue without any interest in the problem itself. Whichever position can be used to bash his political opponents and scare seniors, that where Teddy K. comes down. Not only that, but he's dead wrong on the facts.

One positive about Teddy tirades, they are sure to provide some great screw ups.

You know what they say about drinking on an empty stomach? Someone stuck a microphone in Ted's face after a "long lunch" and he did provide us with this classic sound bite,


"Why don't we just ask Osama bin -- Osama Obama -- Obama what -- since he won by such a big amount. Seriously, Senator Obama is really unique and special."